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this girl did this日本无遮挡吸乳呻吟视频

Get out of my house, you nigger loving faggot.My father, such a way with words.My name is Abraham and I remember the scene of departure from my childhood home all too clearly. The last look on my mother's face mirrored my father's. Rage, Shame, Disappointment. But, it's in the past now, I've moved on. The wound still throbs but I can ignore it.His name is Fredrick. A tall, thin dark skinned boy with deep brown eyes, short hair, and a face so cute it hurt to look at him. We were exactly alike in appearance, save for the skin tone, I'm white as a ghost.He always makes me feel better. Always brings a smile to my face, just by seeing him. We have only been together for less than a year, yet I know we will be together forever. I know, at eighteen everyone thinks that but I knew it.We met just after my eighteenth birthday on a blind date. No, we weren't setup together, I was setup with a girl my mother met at church. My parents were deeply religious and wanted me to marry a good christian girl. This wasn't the first date my mother set me up on. I think maybe the hundredth. It never worked out. It wasn't because I thought I was gay, it was the fanatical way these girls held to religion. I had come to question my faith and all the strict rules for life and I really didn't want to be with someone who was that nutty about it. Plus my hormones were raging as much as my cock was and church going girls don't put out. I was still a virgin unless you count the “sinful” pleasuring a gave myself daily. My mother had caught me and you could have sworn I had committed murder. In her eyes maybe that was true, killing grand kids I guess.The girls name was Mary, yeah her parents were like mine, religious names for their kids. She was pretty, I'll give her that. But, she couldn't say three words without bringing up god. I was meeting her at the lake for a picnic. My mother's idea. I pulled in the lot and saw her car but she wasn't alone. She had brought her friend and along came her boyfriend Fredrick. I can't remember the girls name and didn't think much of Fredrick at the time. Just another guy.“ Oh, I didn't know you were bringing another couple.” I said “ I guess I can't rape and kill you now.”The girls scoffed at me but Fredrick laughed. That made me feel better about him being there. I'm very sarcastic and can be a little rough. I figured if the date didn't work out at least maybe I’d have a new guy friend.“ That's sick to think like that you know.” She told me. “ You need to pray for help with those thoughts. Anyhow, I figured it would be nice to double date.”I already knew this date would suck. I'm sure that was her thought, more than likely it was to have someone to talk to because she would be bored. I'm sure my reputation for not having fun dates got about Sunday school to her. I would just have to power through this and get it over with. I grabbed the basket of food from my car and the huge blanket to lay on. Luckily it was big as I hadn't expected four of us. My mother must have as there was plenty of snacks in the basket. We took off toward the lake, chatting about nonsense. Its a bit of a walk and sure enough three minutes in, Mary and her friend were walking hand in hand ahead of us blabbing away. Fredrick spoke up.“ So, this is fun! We look like two gay couples walking down to the lake. Wanna hold my hand too Abe?” He remarked. “ Might as well fit in, right?”We both laughed hard and received more scowls from the girls which made us laugh harder. I was really liking Fredrick now. He seemed to have my way of thinking. We picked out a spot under one of the huge oak trees, shady and cool. The girls hadn’t shut up since we left the cars and there was no way I'd get a word in anyway. Mary and her friend sat together and kept on gossiping. You know the drone, this girl did this, I hear shes not a virgin, and that guys a creep. I tried my best to tune it out while praying, for once, for rain to come and give me an excuse to leave. Fredrick sat beside me and after a few awkward moments of silence spoke up.“ So, whats your story?”“What do you mean?”“ I don't know man. Just trying to get through the silence here. What are you in to?” he asked.“ Man, this is seeming more and more like we are on a date.” I remarked “ But, whatever. Nothing to extreme, I play soccer a little, video games if I can get my hands on the good ones, and pretty much nothing special really.”“Oh man! You like video games! Awesome, what are your faves? I just got Call of Duty and I love it.” “ I wish I could play games like that. My mother won't buy me get violent games. Only educational ones that you give kids. She wouldn't even buy Mario cart because it' so violent.” I told him while shaking my head “ I have to save my money up to buy anything good and then hide it like crazy if I want to keep it. Luckily the guy at Game-stop goes to my church and knows how fanatical my parents are. He sells me anything.”He shook his head in disbelief, remarking at how crazy it sounded. He kept on chatting about school,夜夜爽妓女8888视频免费观看 friends, and to my surprise his disregard of religion but that his parents didn't mind as they put it “ It's your afterlife.” We had laid down on the blanket, staring up at the sky, continuing our chat. The more we talked the more I realized I had a lot in common with him. My mind was swimming with the pleasure of talking so frank with someone. I was used to people watching their P's and Q's. I glanced over at him and was shocked to see he was staring at me. I didn't know what to make of it. The way he was staring at me was different than I was used to. I'm not sure if it was me or him but suddenly, we kissed. Just a peck on the lips, really quick. I didn't know what to make of it. I was lost as to how good and right it felt. My thoughts were very quickly interrupted. “ Did y'all just kiss?!” Yelled Mary. I was speechless, I hadn't a clue as to what to say. The girls jumped up and stormed off murmuring about fags and hell or what not. It was secondary, I was still staring at Fredrick and he was staring at me. It hit like a ton of bricks, I liked him. Really liked him. The thought never crossed my mind. Liking guys? No, no way, it's sick and twisted. Yet, here I was staring at this boy with sexual thought running through my head.“ Lets get out of here.” He said finally.We packed everything up and loaded it back in the car. The girls had already left. I was still so dazed at what had just happened. I just followed him down the road to the trail head. We went a ways in and off the trail a bit. Suddenly he turned and grabbed me planting a kiss. My body just reacted instictually. I kissed him back with such passion, such need, such desire. He broke the kiss trailing down to my neck.My head was swimming, this felt so good but I was raised to think this was wrong but I felt so right. I made a noise to stop him, he just put a finger to my lips and said “ just go with it.” I shut my mouth and staring me in the eyes he took his shirt off. I was mesmerized at his body. I ran my hands down his thin chest, he felt like he was on fire or maybe it was me. He raised my shirt over my head and felt my slight six pack with the tip of his finger. I shuddered at his touch. At that moment I made the conscious decision to let this happen.We were kissing again, deeply this time and feeling the softness of our bare chests. My hands stroked his back and instictually grabbed his tight ass. He moaned at my touch. Pushing me away onto a stump he kissed down my chest, reaching my waist he undid my belt and button. My zipper came next and he pulled my pants to my ankles. My six inch cock was rock hard. Making a tent in my boxers, his hands caressed my legs, thighs, and finally my throbbing member. My breath shallowed when he pulled my boxers down exposing my aching cock. Taking it in his hand, he squeezed it and stroked it. I was in heaven, any part of hell that I was headed to for this was totally worth it. Ithrew my head back in pleasure when he licked my swollen crown. I wanted this so badly. I looked down and met his gaze, with that he lowered his wet mouth on the my pulsing rod. I was so warm and wet. I loved it. He started slowly, bobbing his head up and down all the while keeping a suction. I couldn't believe the sensation. He picked up the pace and squeezed my balls. I was light headed from the sheer pleasure when I felt my load brewing.“ I'm about to cum.” I told him.He didn't stop. He kept on his rhythmic pleasuring of my manhood. With one final thrust I came. It was big, easily my biggest ever. He swallowed everything and licked my shaft clean. I couldn't breathe from the sheer pleasure of it all. I gasped for air and he kissed me again. I could taste the mix of my cock and seed on his tongue. I loved it. He broke the kiss and stood up. I knew what he wanted, me to return the favor. I was happy to. We switched places and I pulled his pants down in one swift motion revealing hisuncut six incher. I didn't hesitate and swallowed it whole gagging. I slowed then, I was inexperienced in this. I thought I must not have been the first for him. He was an expert cock sucker, I was merely a novice. I tried to mimic him and found a good rhythm. His moans let me know he was enjoying it and I kept up the pace. His breathing quickened and I felt his cock swell.“I'm gonna explode.” he said “ Don't swallow it, keep it in your mouth”I continued without a word and moments later he blew his load into my waiting mouth. I tried my best not to swallow but I did a little. I loved it. After his last spurt, he pulled me up and kissed me. We kissed, sharing his cum. I was on cloud nine. Riding high. Whatever. I was hooked. We broke our kiss and stared at each other.Suddenly, We heard a grunt and a rustle. We jumped and were shocked to see a man standing near a tree, cock in hand and dripping cum. He zipped up and thanked us for the show. The man turned and disappeared. Shocked at the fact that we were seen, we got dressed and made for the trail. It was empty. The man apparently hadn't lingered. We walked back to my car and got in. I sat for a minute, processing the events. I looked over and he was staring at me.“Lets not go home. Not just yet.” He saidTo be continued.................................................