‘It’s huge日本真人边吃奶边做爽动态图
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‘It’s huge日本真人边吃奶边做爽动态图

Sharing a bath with my younger brother, Joseph, is something that we used to do all the time, as is the case with a lot of young children and their siblings. I never really took much notice of Joseph while we were bathing; I just cleaned myself, and Joseph would do the same. When I got to the age of 11, however, I became self-conscious, and demanded that I should have my own private baths, while Joseph, 7 at the time, would have his own in private, too. We lived with our parents, Jayne and Dave. My brother and I are the only two children. We live in the South of England, so in the winter months, it is usually cold, and raining a lot, which meant that there was little to do except stay inside and play video games. It was mid-December, not much more than a month after my 13th birthday, when, on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, I played football with some friends. Unlike my friends, I didn’t exactly have a masculine build; I wasn’t fat, but not as thin as a stick either. The wet, muddy fields meant that, not long after we began playing, all of our clothes were covered in mud, and even my mid-length brown hair had some dried dirt in by the time we had finished. ‘I’ll see you around, Rob’ said my one of my buddies, Tom, as I was about to leave. Not long after I had said goodbye to my friends and got the bus, I was home, where it was warm, unlike the temperature outside. I relaxed in my bedroom, which I share with my brother, before my mother entered and said ‘Your father and I are going to our friend’s Christmas party; Joseph doesn’t want to go, so you will have to stay and look after him, okay Robert?’ ‘Okay, sure.’ I replied. ‘Just make sure he has a bath sweetie. We’ll be back at about midnight, make sure Joseph is in bed by 10’ ‘Okay’. After my parents left, I was soon running a bath for myself to wash off after today’s game. I climbed in and continued to relax. I didn’t do anything for a while; I just laid there and let my body feel the warm water. I thought about all of the things that I needed to do, with it being close to Christmas, writing cards, buying gifts etc. I cleaned everywhere thoroughly, climbed out of the bath, and dried myself. After I put my clothes back on, I went to my bedroom, and sat on my bed to play some video games. There wasn’t a lot of space in our bedroom, so our beds were almost next to each other, with about an inch gap. Joseph sat on his bed and watched me play, as he usually does, which he enjoys. We talked while I played, about anything that brothers would, like music, games, and school. I realised that we had got carried away in our conversations when I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 9:30. ‘I forgot, you’ve gotta get in the bathtub!’ I exclaimed. I began to run the bath again for Joseph, and made sure it wasn’t too hot or cold for him. He said ‘Thanks’, walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I returned to my room to continue to play video games. A little while later I heard Joseph call my name, so I stood outside the bathroom and called back ‘what is it, Joe?’ He replied ‘I forgot to get a towel, can you get me one please?’ ‘Sure buddy’. I fetched a towel and knocked on the bathroom door. ‘Come in!’ Just as I walked in, Joseph was getting out of the bath. It had been a while since I’d seen my brother with no clothes on, but I had never before realised just how attractive he was. I was never entirely sure of my sexual preference, and had never been attracted to anyone before. That was until I saw my brother naked. His smooth, hairless body was the most amazing thing I had ever seen; then there was his penis. It looked just the same as it did the last time I saw it over two years previously, but it was beautiful. I looked at his 1-Inch penis hanging over his marble-shaped balls. I stood there completely still, holding the towel, mouth wide open… pitching a tent in my jeans. ‘Thanks Rob!’ Joseph took the towel. I quickly left and re-entered our bedroom. I didn’t know what to do with myself at first; I just saw my brother naked, and he just didn’t seem to care. He was obviously not at the self-conscious age, and didn’t mind if his family saw him naked. I took off my shirt, socks, and jeans to prepare to go to bed. I climbed into my bed, went under the covers, and relived the 10 second scene in my head over and over again. I pictured his wet, mid-length blond hair draped over his cute face, and his beautiful blue eyes.The thought of that perfect, squeezable bottom of his made my penis erect inside my boxers. I thought about masturbating, but he would be coming into the room soon, so I didn’t risk it. Soon afterwards, he entered the room in his PJs, smiled at me and asked if I wanted the lights out, which I did. He turned the lights off, climbed into his bed, and I thought some more about his beautiful boy body. There was silence in the bedroom for about 15 minutes, before Joseph said to me, ‘Rob, I’m cold, can we share the duvet?’ This was nothing out of the ordinary for him to ask me this, just something that happened a lot in the winter months when it was cold. ‘Sure buddy!’ ‘Thanks!’ He pulled himself over the gap and laid close to me for warmth, in a spooning position. I felt his little ass rub against the front of my underwear and, also partly due to what I was already thinking about, I instantly got another boner. To hide this from Joseph, I quickly turned around and faced the other way. I needed my pleasure fix, and I needed it then.Trying to be as subtle as I could, I reached down into my boxers and began slowly rubbing my shaft. It wasn’t very comfortable as there wasn’t a lot of room, plus I couldn’t pull my underwear down with Joseph being so close to me. My activity was going unnoticed, until Joseph turned around to hug me from behind for warmth, and felt my arm moving. He looked over at my hand and exclaimed, ‘What are you doing to your thingy?’ I was so shocked; I could feel my face burning with embarrassment. ‘Erm…well I’m, er, my… my penis is cold so I’m, uh, rubbing it to keep it warm!’ ‘Oh…’ He sounded puzzled. ‘Does that work?’ I couldn’t believe it, he actually bought it! ‘Well yeah, of course it does!’ ‘Really? Okay I’ll try it on myself!’ Joseph reached into his PJs and began playing with his little penis. I couldn’t really see much in the dark, although I really wanted to see him play with himself, but I knew I shouldn’t. After a while he said ‘It’s not really working, Rob’ I couldn’t think of anything else to say except ‘Well have you got an erection?’ ‘Uh, do you mean a stiffy?’ ‘Yeah, it’s the same thing’ I replied. I said ‘Yes, you do need a stiffy’ ‘I can only get them sometimes’ ‘Try to get one now’ ‘Okay’. After about 30 seconds Joseph said ‘Okay I have a stiffy now! Can you show me how to do it properly?’ There were loads of thoughts racing through my mind at that point. I was telling myself that this is wrong, and I should just stop right there. But there was a greater urge in my mind to show Joseph what he wanted. ‘Okay, but do you promise not to tell anyone?’ Joseph happily replied ‘Yeah!’So I reached over to turn the lights on, still wearing the duvet. I laid back down and looked at Joseph, smiling. ‘Okay, here’s what you do’ I pulled down the duvet which showed my underwear, before slowly, nervously pulling them down too, exposing my uncut penis. At the time, it was 4 inches while erect. ‘Wow!’ Joseph said with surprise, ‘It’s huge, and there is so much hair!’ ‘Well yours will be like this when you’re my age! Anyways, all you gotta do, is grab your penis, and rub up and down like this’ I showed him, as he looked on in amazement. ‘Right, now you try it’When I said this, I was implying that he should try on himself; but Joseph obviously had other plans. ‘Sure!’ He said excitedly, whilst grabbing MY penis, and slowly moving his hand up and down. I gasped, but couldn’t get any words out. I did not expect him to do that,gogo专业大尺度亚洲高清人体 but I liked it. I watched his soft, warm hand rub my piece, slowly going over the head, and back down again. There was so much pleasure running through my body, that I didn’t want him to stop, but after a few seconds I managed to persuade myself that this wasn’t right, and said ‘Uh, actually, Joe, I meant on yourself’ ‘Oh, right’ He chuckled, and apologised. Then, he started to pull down his PJ bottoms, and uncovered his penis. I was so happy to see it; it stood there, erect at about 2 inches. It wasn’t as long or thick as mine, and the foreskin completely covered the head. Then he grabbed it with his small hand and rubbed it. I never thought that I’d see this happening, but I was. ‘Feeling any warmer?’ I asked him. ‘Not really,’ He replied ‘but it does feel quite nice’ ‘Yeah, that’s another good reason to do this’ I told him. ‘Oh, okay. So, do you do this a lot?’ He asked inquisitively. ‘When I have an erection, and when I’m alone, that’s when I normally do it’ ‘Okay.’ He carried on for a while, and I watched, before he said ‘I preferred it when I was doing it to you. I have an idea, why don’t I do it to you and you do it to me!’ I thought this through again. I knew I shouldn’t. But here he was, ASKING me if he could rub my manhood. My hormones got the better of me. ‘That’s a good idea!’Joseph held my penis again and continued to stroke, just like he did before. His little hand caressed my cock, and it felt amazing. No-one had ever given me a handjob before, but I was enjoying this feeling.I reached over and grabbed his little stiffy. It felt so good in my hand. I ran it up and down his little shaft. I could see the outline of his head underneath his foreskin; his whole penis looked so cute. ‘Mmm, that feels nice’ said Joseph as he let out a relaxed sigh. This all added to the pleasure of him stroking my penis. But I wanted more. I’d heard about blowjobs before, and I wanted one. I thought to myself ‘What I’m doing is wrong…but since I’m already doing wrong, this won’t cause any extra harm…’ I stopped him before too long and said ‘Hey, do you know what would make our willies even warmer quicker? If we put them in each other’s mouths!’ He seemed shocked by this preposition. ‘But…we pee out of them; is that safe?’‘Uh, yeah, it’s absolutely fine; people do this all the time!’ ‘Well if you’re sure, then okay!’ I completely removed my underwear, and Joseph followed. I told Joseph to spread his legs out, while I manoeuvred myself between them.I couldn’t believe this was all happening! Before I started, I run my fingers over his smooth balls, which felt amazing to touch. Well, I’ll begin…’ I had never done anything like this before, but I knew the gist of what I needed to do.I lowered my head to get a closer look at his penis and beautiful scrotum. I got even closer, opened my mouth, and closed it around halfway down his dick. I then started to lick the tip while it was in my mouth, which he visibly enjoyed. ‘You’re right Rob; this is making my penis warmer…’ The tip lightly tickled my tongue while I licked his beautiful boy parts. I then began moving my head up and down his shaft. I licked all over his cock; the head, the shaft, and then I continued down to his balls and licked there. It all felt so nice inside my mouth, and I was happy that Joseph was liking this just as much as I was. Joseph would, every now and then, let out a soft moan. I then started sucking softly on Joe’s dick. He let out a louder moan, before saying quietly ‘Yeah, that feels so good’ I started bobbing my head on his cock faster while sucking more aggressively. ‘Mmm…’ I continued to increase my pace. Not long after this, I felt one of his legs beginning to twitch. His moaning got louder and louder, before he groaned: ‘OH! Ugh, ugh, yeah, mmm…’His body writhed and twitched as his hips pumped with his stiffy still in my mouth, before finally letting out a massive ‘UGH! YES! Mmm!’ He began to relax.He then looked at me and said, almost gasping for air, ‘Rob…that was…amazing! You’ve gotta let me show you how good that feels!’ We swapped positions, with Joseph now between my legs. He looked up at me and smiled, before returning his gaze to the penis right in his face. He grabbed the base of it with one hand, and started moving it around, having a close look at my dick. Then, with his hand still at the base, stuck out his tongue and began licking my rod, just as he would with an ice cream. Each time his tongue run up my teenage cock, waves of pure pleasure coursed through my whole body; this was one of the greatest feelings I had ever had, and I was sharing it with my wonderful, beautiful brother. I let out some loud moans, ‘Oh yeah Joe, that feels so good!’ He then began licking the tip, which tingled, but was still giving me immense pleasure.Sometimes, a string of saliva connected his tongue and my cock in between each lick. My cock glistened in the light where he had left his saliva. He hovered over my dick, looked up at me again, smiled, and then he put his mouth around the head, caressing my boy piece with his tongue. ‘Mmm…yeah…’ His tongue circled the tip a few times, before he started moving his head down my shaft a little bit, and returning to the tip. He did this, gradually getting lower and lower, his tongue sliding on the underside of my cock each time, and also lightly sucking on me too. ‘Oh, uh…uh…’ I was so glad Joseph turned out to be a natural at this. He kept on getting lower, before too long he had two inches in his mouth, then three, then the whole thing, all the way down to the base, where his nose rustled my pubes. ‘Oh Joe, that’s so nice…’ He sped up his head bobbing, and I could feel that I was close to climaxing. He continued to increase his pace, with his mouth still tightly wrapped around my dick, his tongue still sliding up and down my shaft. My legs began to twitch, while I said, almost shouting, ‘MMM! Yeah! Nearly there! Ugh…’ Upon hearing this, Joseph went even faster, giving me even more intense pleasure, until I lost complete control of my body; my muscles tightened, before I screamed ‘OH MY GOD! UGH! UGH! YES!’ I shot a string of my teenage semen into his mouth. He seemed shocked, took my penis out of his mouth and looked at me, but the rest of my sperm shot onto his face, which was hovering over my dick. It went on his nose, on one of his eyelids, and one of his cheeks, while some that I had shot in his mouth at first began dribbling out. ‘Mmm, Joe, that was amazing!’ He swallowed some of the semen, and wiped some off of his face. He lifted his hand to look at the sticky liquid, with a confused look on his face. ‘What is this?’ ‘Erm, well that’s semen; it helps women make babies’ ‘Oh, okay. It tastes real good!’ He started wiping the semen off of his face and licking it off of his fingers. ‘Yum!’ I couldn’t believe his reaction to this! He carried on consuming the semen until it was all gone. Joseph came up to lie next to me again, and said to me, ‘Thanks for showing me this Rob! I hope we can do this again soon!’ ‘So do I, buddy.’ I turned the light off. ‘Good night, Joe’ ‘Good night’ I kissed him on the forehead, and we embraced, to conserve warmth once again, while we still had no underwear on. I held him close while saying: ‘I love you, Joe’ He smiled at me and said ‘I love’ He smiled at me and said ‘I love you too!’ We fell asleep in our warm embrace.


这种颓势似乎划上了一个短暂的休止符。6月10日,制作组DICE正式推出了《战地2042》第一赛季“行动时刻”(Zero Hour),接下来的几天里日本真人边吃奶边做爽动态图,游戏在线人数持续回升,仅在Steam平台,在线玩家峰值即从四位数回到了五位数,一度逼近15000人。